Monday, March 7, 2016

I would like to hear your story...

The title is simple and to the point.  If you are a past or present crew member, missile security, facility manager, maintenance trooper, or contractor supporting the Minuteman ICBM weapon system (MM I, II, III) and had an experience concerning UFOs, I want to hear your story.

I've set it up so that all that is required is for you to post in the comment section of this blog post.  You may provide your real name or comment anonymously.  The comments will be moderated, that being it up to my allowing the comment to be posted for public viewing. The main reason for moderating is to ensure that your comments will stand alone without additional comments from me or others.  Basically, I'm silencing the "peanut gallery."

I've set up this site for the purpose of collecting data.  What comes of this remains to be determined at this time.  Depending on the quality of the comments, I may publish the results at a later date.

What is meant by UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)?  I hold the position, as do many others, that UFOs in the simplest terms are phenomena seen in the skies that cannot be visually identified as a natural or man-made object, e.g. aircraft at a given point in time.

Since I'm eliciting responses from those who served in the Minuteman program, I looking for UFO experiences while being out on alert at a specific missile wing/squadron/flight.

If you had served in the Titan II and Peace Keeper systems, your stories/reports are equally welcome.

If you decide to provide a comment, please make it as detailed as possible.  I fully understand that with the passages of time our memories become foggy so please do not let this deter you participation.  

What I'm looking for:

1.  Date and time of incident
2.  Location:  wing/squadron/flight.  Be specific as to LCF and or LF:  Kilo flight, K-07 or near a specific town, ie, Belt, Montana.
3.  Your rank, specialty, purpose of your being in position during your sighting.
4.  Provide a narrative to putting things into context.  Tell me what your perceptions were at that given point in time.
5.  If you can, please provide the name of your wing commander at the time of your sighting.  Most of us still recall the succession of wing commanders during our time in SAC.

Here is an example of a comment provided on one of my other blogs:

"I was the on duty, Senior FSC at Tango-1 LCF (which was the command post for our 5 flight area: Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra and Tango) in 1974, at FE Warren AFB. I always volunteered for the night shift, 6pm to 6am. One particular night, while talking to another FSC at Romeo-1, he kept asking me over and over again, in-between our chit-chat if I saw anything, coming over the range where he was situated, and it was downrange from my LCF . Eventually I did see the UFO he was talking about which he never reported and I ending up doing. The craft hovered for over 2 hours, was 3 miles downrange from the LCF and made no noise. This even after my capsule crew down stairs was notifed, WSC was notified, I woke up the site Mngr., the site cook and we had both Night and Day SAT teams out in the field trying to get a better ID and description of it.In the end it went vertical and disappeared, when WSC at the base said that 2 F-4 Phantoms were dispatched from Denver to intercept this thing. When all 10 FSC's returned to the base after our 3.5 day tour, we all were sent to the SP Commander who made us all sign an affidavit, saying we didn't see anything. I made no illusion to my SAT leader at the time, that he had a right to protect himself and his member from harm. If deadly force was needed that night, we would have used it."

Again, if you have a story to tell I want to hear it...